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This 95mm LED Contact Ball is super-bright and great for stage/street performing. Ideal for contact jugglers who prefer single ball manipulation and are looking for a prop to play with at night. This ball has been constructed from a material Juggle-Light call 'polypro' - a hard-shelled, plastic ball with a smooth, weighty feel. The weight distribution on this ball is neutral making it suitable for body rolling tricks.

The 95mm LED contact ball has a slight 'silicone' feel, with plenty of grip and a tiny bit of giving (enough to mean drops on hard surfaces are OK). The LED unit is sunk inside the ball and is activated by rotating the rubber screw, hidden beneath a small plastic cap to keep the surface of the ball flush.

This variation of the 95mm contact Glow Ball comes with a 'Multi-Light' LED kit which offers 27 patterns. Each Light Unit carries 3 banks of lights/patterns.

Available as Battery or Rechargeable options.


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