Efreet '64' Yo-Yo


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Efreet - premium yo-yo specialists - present the '64'. This is a variation of their amazing Fire yo-yo but stripped back to put suitable for standard competition play.

At 64mm diameter this yo-yo is a little larger than a lot of metal yo-yos on the market - however, once you appreciate its speed, accuracy, and power you'll realize the advantages of such a model.

A beautiful, ergonomic shape with perfect weight distribution at every level. The surface of the yo-yo has been specially treated to facilitate grind tricks and the bi-color marbling really gives the 64 a stylized, finish - completely appropriate for the stage and street.

Mounted on the axle is a premium 10-ball concave bearing which runs quietly and very smoothly. Comes complete with Type 6 string and a smart Wooden Presentation box - the ultimate yo-yo for the demanding player from Efreet.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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