Efreet Fire Yo-Yo


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The first yo-yo that can be lit on fire is finally here! The efreet Fire took 2 years of development - but was worth it - it now performs flawlessly.

To play with it you do not need special strings, bearings, or pads – it features a high-quality 10-ball concave bearing so that you can perform all of your tricks as usual. Efreet Fire has a special coating to minimize heat distribution.

It comes with 3 stacks – 2 of them are smaller in size and the other is disk-shaped and larger. The smaller stacks should be used with a very light kevlar glove and are meant for performances.

With them, the yoyo is very stable. The disk-shaped stack is larger and is meant for video purposes where no glove is needed for up to 2 tricks – it blocks the flames so that the yo-yo does not heat up as fast.

You will need to use it with a small stack on the other side so that it balances better. Further instructions on how best to use your fire yo-yo are available too.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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