Freaks 'Metallic' AirSword Juggling Knife


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Freaks Unlimited present their professional juggling knives - the 'AirSwords' are highly responsive and visually stunning. This beautifully finished knife is a spectacular performance prop that juggles just like a standard club. Airsword knives have a symmetrical design which allows for side spins and improves the overall balance of the prop. At 275g the weight isn't too far off a traditional club either, making the switch from clubs a little easier. 

The blade itself is made from a top-quality stainless steel blade - One of the toughest grades available, and fairly resistant to impacts. They have also been subjected to a heat treatment which makes them have a slight flex but not enough for them to bend. The dowel has also been made from a super-tough beech. The edges of the blade have been ground to look razor-sharp on all sides, but they have been carefully blunted for safety. They look like real knives and are therefore much more impressive for performance work compared to other juggling knives.

The price is for ONE knife.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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