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Freaks Kevlar® Fire Gloves


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From UK prop designers come these smart Kevlar® gloves - ideal for protecting against cuts and flames - these gloves come with elasticated wrists.These are really useful when juggling with Fire balls and all fire products in general. Suitable for juggling with fire balls for longer duration. (If slightly damp they will keep cool even longer).

Kevlar® is a para-aramid fibre made by Du Pont which has remarkable properties. Used in thousands of diverse products and industries. Kevlar is extremely tough, it does not melt, it is self-extinguishing, it is flame resistant and it will withstand temperatures up to 425° C continuously. Kevlar is used in safety protection clothing where heat and flame resistance or cut and slash protection is required.

However please note: Kevlar offers only limited heat insulation, therefore gloves and sleeves will only protect from high temperatures for short periods of contact. The heavier the weight of the Kevlar glove or sleeve, the more high temperature insulation is given.

They are perfect for juggling with fire balls or indeed any fire performance where there might be a risk of burns

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