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Nunchucks from Fyrefli are made of a 19mm diameter polished tig welded aluminum tubing.

The handle is sleeved with black silicone shrunk onto the aluminum tubing under high pressure and intended to prevent the ingress of paraffin and also provides a NON-SLIP feel when juggling. The Silicon has both high temperature and paraffin resistant properties and the sealing is completed with a further heat shrink tubing.

The two nunchuck bodies are coupled together using an 8mm ball chain.

The ball chain end of the Nunchuck body is sealed with a plastic grommet which also prevents your hands from coming into contact with the underlying steel clip. 

Contained within the nunchuck body is a fuel reservoir which extends the burning time. When nunchuck is fueled, paraffin flows into the reservoir via a series of 10mm diameter holes positioned under the para-aramid wick. Contained with the fuel reservoir is a length of para-aramid rope that serves to both store fuel and additionally acts to secure the self-tapping screws holding the wick in place.

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