Gora Fire Juggling Sword


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Juggling torches with huge flames. While with the normal torches you can see only dots running around, these swords show how the blades are turning, and make a much nicer effect.

The silicone disc protects your hands. The handles are ergonomic and the grip is made of soft, spongy plastic. The weight balance is very close to the normal clubs.

Did you ever have the feeling that your juggling torches are too small for the stage? With this Fire Juggling Swords, you will never get that feeling.

The weight of a piece is 265g.

  • Use lower heat level liquid like paraffin, lamp oil or barbecue oil.
  • Do not use white spirit or benzene!
  • Do not keep the swords downwards continuously.
  • Do not light them many times without stops. Too much heat breaks the fiberglass.
  • Use background light to see the handle side precisely.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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