Henry's Circus Diabolo - 'Free Hub'

Henry's Circus Diabolo - 'Free Hub'


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When Henrys introduced the Free-Hub system to their long-standing diabolo range it was a testament to how well a bearing diabolo could be made. Using the same cups as the classic Circus, with their perfect balance between softness and rigidity, the crew at Henry's engineered one of the smoothest running precision bearing systems we've ever come across. the Profile of the roller is very smooth with an elegant concave and tonal hubs, meaning you'll always get it the right way round mid-performance.

The bearings are grease-free and sealed, meaning they'll last for longer and stay smooth. Using this set-up, advanced and professional diabolo players will be able to facilitate longer trick sequences than ever before as well as have the joy of manipulating what is in itself a beautiful piece of engineering. the Henry's Circus Free-Hub can be retro-fitted with any Circus tuning Kit (sold separately) and is available in a number of understated, yet vivid colors. Highly recommended.

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