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'All Round' Tuning Kit (Circus/Vision)

This tuning kit is for Circus & Vision players who need replacement hubs for more finger-work and body contact tricks. The plastic hubs are also great for stopping string wear. This kit will add 5mm to the diabolo width and reduce overall weight by 28g. This kit includes a steel axle, aluminum cap nuts, POM hubs, PA washers, galvanized roller. The kit is provided in a smart presentation blister pack.

'Ultra-Light' Tuning Kit (Circus/Vision)

The Ultra-Light tuning kit for Henry's Vision and Circus diabolos maintains the classic aluminum hub shape but reduces overall weight by 33g. Ideal for younger players or those working with multiple diabolos.

'Twist' Tuning Kit (Circus/Vision)

The Twist tuning kit for Henry's Vision and Circus diabolos exaggerates the central roller and adds steep plastic hubs to modify the playing dynamics. Ideal for diabolo play orientated around grinds and finger tricks, as well as those who favor a wider, lighter diabolo set-up. The kit includes steel axle, aluminum cap nuts, aluminum hubs, PA washers, galvanized roller, and is presented in a smart presentation pack.

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