Henry's VEGA X2 Diabolo LED Kit

Henry's VEGA X2 Diabolo LED Kit


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When it came time to re-design the Henry's LED Kit they prioritized Stability and the quality of Light, and it really shows. This is a simple, effective kit with no gimmicks - just a well manufactured LED module.

The Vega X2 is fitted with soldered, rechargeable NiMh batteries. Customers will receive two light modules and a charging lead with a connecting adaptor. The charging lead can be connected to a commercially available, adjustable universal power adaptor. Since such power adapters are already available in many households, we decided to forego including such an adapter If you'd like advice on sourcing one for your country, please get in touch - these Adjustable plug-in adaptors with different plugs can be purchased relatively cheaply at consumer electronics stores.

By pressing the push-button the following operating modes can be set:

1x press: continuous light / 2x press: strobe light (30 hertz)
3x press: strobe light (120 hertz) / 4x press Off

The Vega X2 is suitable for Henry's Diabolos including the Vision, Circus, Jazz, and Beach. Diabolos with translucent half-shells (such as the Beach and Vision) achieve the best effect. To simplify the rebuilding process each Kit comes with a set of three different axles, each of which fits in the Beach, Jazz, Vision, or Circus Diabolos. Please choose between white, red or blue LED kits

Please read the included detailed instruction before use! The power adaptor is not included!

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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