Henry's Viper Neo XL Off-String Yo-Yo


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Henrys Neo XL yo-yo is a luxury, oversized off-string yo-yo designed for off-string or '4A' play. This yo-yo requires bind techniques to return the yo-yo to the user's hand but features an excellent grease and oil-free precision bearing on the axle and a very generous butterfly shape.

One of the heavier yo-yos on today's market so perhaps something of an acquired taste. It has a Gecko pad response system, rubber shells, and very slick looking anodized hubs. This yo-yo is not compatible with the Henrys AXYS system but is still an exceptional off-string yo-yo. It comes in a very smart presentation box with string and brief instruction manual.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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