Hyperflite SofFlite Throwing Disc - PUP version

Hyperflite SofFlite Throwing Disc - PUP version


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The SofFlite PUP is a small seven inch throwing disc, perfect for young puppies with sensitive mouths and teeth. Formed from a soft plastic, this throwing disc is very forgiving. Unlike other frisbees on the market, the Hyperflite range are specially shaped to be appropriate for a dog's mouth, and very comfortable to catch. If you're playing high-energy games of catch with a young dog, the SofFlite disc is a good choice. Please note that the SofFlite is not puncture resistant. if you want a disc that will really take some gnawing and gnashing, be sure to check out the JAWZ discs. The SofFlite disc weighs 90g and is a bright yellow - so easy to find when you accidentlly throw it in to the tall grass. 


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