Juggle Dream Big Top Diabolo and Aluminium Hand Sticks

Juggle Dream

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The Big Top Jumbo Bearing diabolo set offers fantastic value for money and a healthy margin to boot. This Diabolo is sold as a set with Ali Dream hand sticks (also available with colored Ali and Superglass hand sticks). Please choose your Diabolo and stick colors below.

The Big Top is a Jumbo-sized, bearing axle Diabolo from English Juggling Company - Juggle Dream. The Big top is suitable for beginner to intermediate players of all ages. For more advanced players, please check out the Juggle Dream Jumbo Hurricane.

The Big Top Bearing Diabolo is the perfect starter option for anyone looking for a bearing diabolo. The Big Top’s axle is fitted with a bearing and will spin for considerably longer than fixed axle diabolos. The extra-wide axle makes tricks like finger grinds much easier and the Jumbo-sized (129mm) cups make it very stable at all speeds. Constructed from tough, scratch-resistant TPE, the Big Top will handle drops from even the highest throws.

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