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Milo Mini Diabolo

This mini-diabolo has been beautifully designed by the British juggling company Juggle Dream. Made using European Rubber it features a grooved central runner for great balance and stability as well as smart curved hub system which helps reduce string wear and reduce the weight of the diabolo. Although this is the smallest diabolo in the premium range it is not necessarily suitable for children - this a high-end performance diabolo that works great for quick, fast diabolo play.

Gyro Diabolo - Fixed Axel
The Gyro diabolo is a premium, fixed axle offering from the British diabolo company Juggle Dream. Made from glorious European Rubber, crafted in to agile, versatile cups, the Gyro offers superb performance for diabolo enthusiasts. The Gyro diabolo also features a sophisticated hub system including a grooved central runner which helps optimize stability and balance. The nylon hubs help reduce the weight of the diabolo as well as reducing string wear and aiding in corrections during multiple diabolo play.
Gyro Bearing Diabolo

The Gyro Bearing diabolo is a medium-sized model made from a premium, European rubber. With a gorgeous color range that is both vibrant and matt, the Gyro Bearing model is a premium performance diabolo for players who only want the best quality. The Gyro bearing uses a sophisticated triple bearing system that, in the right hands, offers extended spinning times for complicated trick sequences. The Gyro Bearing has no 'vibe', plays straight and smooth with precision and grace.
Orbiter Diabolo - Fixed Axel
The Orbiter diabolo is a premium fixed axle diabolo from the British Juggling company Juggle Dream. The Orbiter cups have been crafted from a premium European rubber that is lovely to squeeze and touch. this superior rubber has a wonderful memory that makes it spring instantly back into its correct shape. The hub system on the Orbiter diabolo is comprised of a grooved runner for optimum stability during trick sequences as well as concave hub components. These help keep the overall weight down for easier aerial tricks, as well as reducing string wear and aiding corrections in multiple diabolo play. This is the largest of the premium series of diabolos from Juggle Dream, suitable for teens and adults who demand a high-end performance model. The Orbiter is particularly designed for multiple diabolo play as it is fractionally smaller than other full-size diabolos models on the market, therefore, making collisions less likely whilst still being very well balanced. 

Orbiter Bearing Diabolo
he Juggle Dream Orbiter is a Jumbo sized bearing diabolo crafted from quality components. The cups have been crafted from superior European rubber offering a lovely feel and tactile value. The Cups have superb memory as well as fantastic durability. The color range for the series is vibrant but matt - extremely visible and perfect for the street, stage, and practice sessions. The Orbiter Bearing uses a smooth running triple bearing system to facilitate incredibly long spin times.


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