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The latest generation of the fantastic Implosion juggling ball from Play, Italy - and this time you can get plenty in each hand! Slightly less than half full with colored liquid silicone, these are the ultimate stage ball hybrid. Incredibly stable, great for body rolls due to their low center of gravity and super visible with their UV reactive contents. The skin of these balls has some flex and is also quite sticky. Price is for one ball.


Sil-x Implosion (78mm) juggling balls are the latest evolution of the Sil-x range. The transparent shell is slightly softer than the regular version and the colored silicone filling looks amazing when they are juggled. All colors are UV reactive apart from Blue. It can also be used as contact balls to dazzling effect, with the sticky skin making these very forgiving. At first, the pigment inside can look stuck inside the shell but a quick juggle should sort this out.


A larger version of the fantastic Sil-x implosion juggling ball. This stage ball has been partially filled with a non-toxic liquid silicone. These balls are great for contact due to how bottom-heavy they are (and their large size helps). They are arguably the most stable juggling ball for high throws and look fantastic when giving a little spin. Slight stickiness to the skin and a subtle plug. Another great juggling product from Play.

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