Qu-Ax QX Series 'Eleven' Unicycle Saddle


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The Eleven Saddle from Qu-Ax was designed with their hardcore QX series in mind. This saddle was developed alongside Kris Holm and as an advancement on the KH Fusion saddles. Besides a slightly modified shape (less width in the middle), it also features a "double-density foam".

This means the saddle has a softer density top layer and a fairly high-density foam core in the middle of the saddle. The higher density core prevents the rider from sinking too far into the foam, makes the saddle curve gentler, and adds shock absorbency for harder impacts.

Foam is trimmed tightly along the sides, particularly towards the front, to minimize chafing. The saddle cutaway is shaped to reduce center pressure. Very durable cover in QX-design, compatible with T-bars, Reinforcement-plates, and KH handles. Compatible with all Qu-Ax seat posts.

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