YoYoY GhostFire Yo-Yo


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Introducing the GhostFire Yo-Yo - using an incredible hub system that moves independently to both the Type C concave bearing and the extremities of the cups allows players to perform dazzling stalls and grind tricks.

This unique system allows players to jump from advanced 1A style trick sequences into complex finger grinding tricks without slowing their yo-yo's spin!

The GhostFire also allows users to re-orientate their yo-yo mid-spin, making vertex style tricks possible. If you've been looking for the next game-changer in yo-yos, this is it.

Provided in a smart presentation box with string. Please note that this is an unresponsive yo-yo that requires knowledge of bind tricks to properly use and enjoy.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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