Bar Flair Bottles


  • Dhs. 150.00

Flairco Bar Flair Bottles – 750ml

The classic Flairco “Malibu” shape bar flairing bottle!
Many colours available.


  • The 750mL Flairco bottle is the preferred size of practice bottle for bartenders of all skill levels because of it’s versatility with different flair styles, not to mention it’s legendary durability.

  • These 750ml flair bottles weigh the same as an empty glass bottle but are shatterproof. That solves the problem of cutting your feet to ribbons every time you walk across your bedroom floor.

  • The amount of abuse these beauties will take needs to be seen to be appreciated and you will appreciate it.

  • Height: 350mm,

  • Diameter: 78mm,

  • Weight: 458g

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