Taibolo Super V2


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The V2 is perhaps the best performing fixed axle diabolo we stock. The Taibolo V2 Diabolo has special hubs and axles designed by William Wei Liang Llin and is the follow-up model to the incredibly popular Glary. This diabolo is excellent for one, two and three (four?) diabolo routines. The V2 Taibolo has a very sleek design and is available in a number of glossy colored cups.

The smoothness of the cups should allow these diabolos to recover somewhat during a collision with 2 diabolos. The Taibolo V2 is incredibly stable at both slow and fast speeds. Incredible performance diabolo at a fantastic wholesale price.

Please note that these diabolos will arrive un-assembled, but are very easy to make.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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