Fibre Optic Whip

Juggle Light

  • Dhs. 370.00

The Juggle Light Fibre Optic Whip is a mesmerising performance piece ideal for night time antics. Using 112 smart, thin fibre-optic cables this 'whip' should stir up a frenzy in your audiences. The whip comes with a multi-light kit installed so your customer can cycle through the vast array of functions and patterns programmed in to the diode. This whip will appeal to fans of flow arts and LED equipment. Each strand is 1mm thick and range from about 25cm to 180cm. The Fibre Optic whip uses a single, rechargeable AAA 3.7v Li-ion battery - it is supplied with a charger and an extra battery (Battery lasts about 2 hours).

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