Phantom Fire Flag

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HoP Phantom Fire Flag with 16inch Fire Head

Fire pole-flag


  • Wave it like a flag, spin it like a (lop-sided) staff, toss it like a baton, or stick it in the ground as a giant fire torch - all new possibilities!
  • Fire leaves a trail like a living flag when waved through the air.
  • Be noticed and make a new statement at your next event.
  • Breaks down to two even pieces for easy storage and travel
  • .75inch diameter anodised aluminum tube
  • 19.7inches Holographic Effect Tape
  • total length 5ft 1/4
  • Each Part when taken apart is depending on full length size is:
  • 5ft 3 = 32inches
  • 5ft 7 = 33.46inches
  • 5ft 11 = 35.43inches
  • 2x 24 inches of 1/8 inch by 8 inch wide KEVLAR ® wicks make an overall 16 inch wide fire head.
  • Comes with Phantom Coupler for use on flag and Lite phantom staffs

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