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Juggle Dream Fire Levistick

Juggle Dream

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Juggle Dream presents their fire Levi Stick - A useful prop for all fire dance performers. The 'invisible string' really makes it look as if the prop is levitating. As with all fire equipment, this prop should only be sold to adults experienced in manipulating fire props. This fire Levi stick is mounted with quality aramid fiber.

The Juggle Dream Fire Levistick is a flaming version of the Floating cane or Flow wand. As with the non-fire version, the stick is weighted to remain vertical and with a little practice, the player can combine simple moves and miss-direction with the free hand to create the illusion that the stick is floating around their body.

The Fire Levistick is constructed from an 8mm solid aluminum rod and has 50mm aramid fiber wicks mounted at each end. Unlike the non-fire versions, the Fire Levistick is attached to the hand via a keyring and slightly longer (45cm) thin steel cable which allows wider clearance for the body and is not damaged by the flames.

Fire Levisticks are fairly easy to pick up and make a great introduction to the world of fire performance. Even relatively basic moves combined with dance can impress and audience. That said, all fire props are potentially dangerous and their use should only be attempted by competent adults. Please respect fire and play safely.

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