Gora Fire Umbrella


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Yup, it's an umbrella that you can set on fire. Not particularly good for rainy days but this truly is a unique tool for making spectacular fire shows. The fire umbrella is ideal for stage shows and as it is not technically demanding to use the prop is ideal for non-juggling/manipulation based performers.

Gora chose the best umbrella they could but stress that it needs careful handling and storage. If you treat it with care it will last well. Always keep it open when lit and don't close until the fire is completely extinguished. This Umbrella uses Kevlar® wick.

Although it is the best umbrella we have found, it needs careful handling and storing.
Its diameter is 130cm, its weight is 900g.


Always keep it open when you light up the umbrella, and don't close when the fire is on.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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