Forged Creations Fire Fan

  • Dhs. 1,100.00

Custom built Fire Fans by Forged Creations, built to the highest standard with cutting edge design.

The smooth, round handle encourages easy and fluent transitions through different hand grips. They have a 1.75", and a 2" spinning ring, usually for those who have larger fingers to accommodate, 2 fingers in and 2 out. However, some spinners like to use 3 fingers in and 1 out with our 2" ring.  

Five wicks on five individual spines provide isolation points on both the outside wicks as well as the center wick. The spines let your fingers assist the fan in rotations. The wicks are spread out to 180 degrees, granting a clean, true "S" relation as well as distributing the weight to the center of the fan, thus allowing for balance and strength all the way through the fan.

The smoothly curved spine allows for rolling around the body and arms as well as giving a sleek profile to the frame.

1.75" ring fans weigh 12.5oz