Gora Vulcano Sword


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To make huge fireballs with your sword.

This unique tool is a combination of the Fire Swing Sword and the Vul-Cane.

First, you need to apply the Lycopodium into the sword's blade with the help of a funnel, then you can apply the paraffin with a syringe. You must ensure there is no excess fuel dripping anywhere near the tip of the blade, otherwise, the Lycopodium will become wet and turn into mud.

From that moment you set the Lycopodium into the blade, you have to keep the Sword upside. Light the Sword, then make sure that there is no person or any flammable material in about a 6-meter-diameter. If the space is safe, you can start swinging the Sword. The centrifugal force will bring out the powder which will ignite upon contact with the head and makes a huge flame effect.

The empty and dry Sword weights 427g

- This gear is for advanced fire performers

- Use it carefully, don't use it in wind.

- Don’t inhale during the explosion, because you may inhale the burning powder.

- Use lower heat level liquids like paraffin, lamp oil, or barbecue oil.

- Do not use white spirit or benzene.

- Do not keep the swords downwards continuously.

- Do not put it on the ground while burning.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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