Hyperflite FrostBite Throwing Disc - PUP version

Hyperflite FrostBite Throwing Disc - PUP version


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This is the PUP version of Hyperflite's killer Frostbite disc. As with the complete Hyperflite range, this throwing disc is designed to be handled and caught in a canine's mouth. That means no sharp edges and ideal contouring for canine teeth. This disc weighs just 70g and has a 7" diameter, making it ideal for dog catches - however, its flight characteristics more than compete with full-size human discs.

The Frostbite's USP is its special plastic formation. unlike other discs on the market which are prone to shatter in cold or freezing temperatures, this disc remains in one piece. Unlike the Hyperlite JAWZ model, the Frostbite is NOT puncture resistant. However, if you need to keep playing catch with a younger pooch in colder climates, the Frostbite PUP is the only choice.


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