Infinity Synergy Yo-Yo


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The Synergy is an advanced yo-yo from Infinity. It is entirely unresponsive but allows exceptionally long sleep times through its concave bearing - this keeps the string well away from the silicone inserts.

The Synergy yo-yo is made from anodized metal which allows advanced players to do finger grinding tricks as well as making it exceptionally strong. The yo-yo itself comes with 'synergy' caps or handles on the outside so that the yo-yo can be held (or caught) whilst doing tricks.

These hub stacks come fitted with small precision bearings which mean spin times whilst holding the Synergy are exceptional. The gap in the middle is wide enough for multiple string lands without the string biting. A yo-yo built for 1A style of yo-yo play.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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