Juggle Dream Crystal Clear Acrylic Ball

Juggle Dream

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The 75mm is the ideal beginner’s ball as it is good for both single and multi-ball contact. This means you can start learning with just one and simply add to it if you want to play with more. If you think a single ball is more likely to be your thing, it is worth considering the larger sizes as they tend to be more stable for isolations and body rolls as well as visually more impressive.


The 80mm is a good size for those looking to begin single ball manipulation. This size can also be used for multi-ball by more experience jugglers or those with larger hands, but we would recommend trying them first hand before buying a set of 80s.


One of the more popular sizes for beginner’s single ball as their medium weight makes them stable for rolls and isolations without making them too heavy. However, if head balances are your thing you may want to consider something a little bigger.


A 90mm Contact Ball is one of the most popular choices for single ball manipulation. The jump in weight between 90mm and 100mm acrylic balls is fairly substantial, so the 90mm ball offers more flexibility and ease of movement with less strain on the wrist. 90mm also proves excellent for body rolling and head balancing tricks, with maximum visual impact.



Our most popular size for a single ball! Visually stunning, with a weight that is fantastic for balances and body rolling. Be warned, this ball is heavy. Be sure to warm up before playing as extended periods of playing can be tiring on the hands, wrists, and arms.


Not to be confused with the cheaper standard acrylics. These crystal clear acrylics are a whole other level in terms of clarity, shape, and purity. Expect no warping, bubbles, or wobbles, just beautiful crystal clear acrylic.

The process of producing Crystal clears is considerably more labor-intensive than standard acrylics (as is reflected in the price), but we think you’ll agree it’s worth the effort.

Most standard acrylics are made using injection molding. This process seldom produces the clarity of extruded acrylic and can create warping within the ball. It also increases the chances of grit or bubbles being trapped during molding. Our crystal clear acrylics are produced from extruded rods of acrylic which are then machined into spheres and polished to perfection. Do not confuse these with inferior molded balls.

Warning! – These balls are lenses and will set fires if left in direct sunlight. Keep them covered!

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.


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