Juggle Dream Typhoon Diabolo

Juggle Dream Typhoon Diabolo

Juggle Dream

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Yup, it's here. The designers at Juggle Dream have finally nailed it. After over two years of research, the Typhoon has arrived! The Typhoon combines stunning looks and offers outstanding performance - this is a super versatile diabolo for the fixed axle purists. The Typhoon features smart etched weight discs and branded embossed inner cups.

Whilst brilliant as a single diabolo, the Typhoon has several features that also make it excel within multiple diabolo play.

• The cups are designed to keep as much weight in the rims as possible. This increases stability at all speeds.

• At 240g it is heavy enough to be stable but not too tiring for running 2, 3, or more diabolos.

• The glossy, semi-rigid translucent cups do not grab each other during collisions.

• Especially shaped concave hubs make for easier corrections.

The Typhoon is designed to excel for Mulitple diabolo play.

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