Kosmos 'Chronos JS2' LED Devil Stick

Kosmos 'Chronos JS2' LED Devil Stick


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The RGB LED Devil Stick with JS2 technology from Kosmos, is the brightest LED Devil Stick we have ever seen! You can have any color with any setting you can imagine on this Devil Stick with incredible results. A real spectacle seeing this in pitch black, beautiful trails of colors and light.

With the same synchronization system as the club and staff! -Manufactured from robust polypropylene material -Rubber ends. Length: 66cm -42 colours. 1500 combinations. -Reinforced shockproof design -23 customizable programs. Users can select one or two colors, mixed or combined at different speeds.

There are 42 colors and more than 1500 combinations. -Juggling synchronization system (JS2). It can synchronize with any other JS2 product -Magnetic programming -Dual program feature (stores 2 programs) -Touch sensor technology (with dedicated programs) -3 to 6 hours of glowing time (depending on the program).

Rechargeable with integrated battery charging controller with auto 'power off' on low battery conditions to protect the battery life.

Kosmos Distributors and 12V chargers are sold separately.

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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