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Juggle Dream are very proud to present Luminart Pixel Sticks. With Luminart Pixel Sticks, Juggle Dream has created a simple, beautiful, affordable pixel technology suitable for both professional performers and flow enthusiasts alike.

Luminart Pixel Sticks come pre-programmed with 21 patterns + a demo mode. Each pixel head contains 30 RGB LEDs (15 per side) generating a stunning selection of arrows, circles, sine waves and other funky abstract and geometric patterns. To cycle through the functions menu simply press the power button next to the micro USB charging ports and press and hold to switch on/off.

Luminart Pixel Sticks are fitted with adjustable 6mm Cole cords, No.10 Bearing swivels and single loop handles.


- Pixel head diameter: 29mm
- Pixel head length: 204mm
- Overall length: 480mm (adjustable).
- Weight: 125g each, including handles, cords, with both poi = 270grams
- 30 Pixel points per head. 15 per side - 200mm long pixel bank.
- Fitted with 6mm Cole cord, a No.10 Bearing swivel and loop handles.
- Rechargeable batteries. Twin USB charging cable supplied
- Playing time 2.5- 3.5 hours depending on the function
- Charging time 2 hours

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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