Poi with baskets - cloud of sparks

Cloud of Sparks

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Poi with baskets - cloud of sparks is something more, than just POI and more than just sparkle baskets. It is two in one!

It is a brand new, amazing ready set of fire spinning, that includes kevlar fire heads in the shape of cubes and attached to them sparkle baskets for making sparks effect.

Pois have very durable chains with small links and nickel-slanted concatenating. It is smooth and pleasant to use. The chain is resistant to high temperatures and links don’t open.

Handles conjunction is a strong half-circle and the fire head has extra precautions preventing unscrewing the bolt, that attaches the chain to the cube.

Cathedral shaped kevlar is one of the most popular types on market. It has the trust of professional performers and hobbyists. Very stable design and kevlar is folded in the way to get the biggest flame.

Furthermore, there are sparkle baskets attached to the fire head. It is an intentional and well-thought construction of solid and at the same time simple in use spark pois. Every cage was stiffened with welded steel rods. There is an outer net cover wrapped on that frame. It keeps burning material inside, but at once it lets sparks outside. Putting the material in and out is easy because the side wall can be opened.

Baskets were designed with great care, so they wouldn’t hurt hands. In spite of that, we recommend using gloves, that will protect from dirt and injuries.

The Sparkle baskets should be used with special wire wool.

Used chain is tear-resistant, but light at the same time. Handy and safe grip is assured by our handles well known from other fire props.

Poi with baskets - cloud of sparks is something more, than just POI and more than just sparkle baskets. It is two in one! And this combination gives a remarkable effect. Prop, that can be useful for every fire show group, that appreciates safety and mind-blowing impression.

Features of the basket:
-strong welded rod construction
-net, that doesn’t cause injuries
-handy opening and closing
-protection from accidental opening
-the cage is a cube with side 5,5cm

Features of kevlar fire head:
-used 1,4m of kevlar, width 55mm
-cube has side 5,5cm
-quick and strong attachment for chains

Other features:
-durable construction, that holds both structures together
-chain has swivel 65 kg
-length with handles and chain - around 62cm
-length of one chain - 53cm
-weigth of set - 300g
Price per pair of POI with baskets - cloud of sparks

Do not burn props to the very end. As soon as you see a blue flame - it means you need to immediately put out the fire, because you already burn it too long and you should have done it sooner. The best way to put out a flame is to use a fire blanket. After every burning, soak the kevlar in the same fuel, that was used for setting the fire. Do not burn again right after using - wait, until it cools down. To keep your prop in a good state longer, as a fuel use paraffin oil without added alcohol. Do not throw this prop. Do not hit the ground with it.

Baskets can deform with time and use, that is their normal attribute. Small eyelets are meant for use with charcoal. Prop, that is cracked is not good to use.
This product is highly dangerous! It can cause burns and body damage! Because of the possibility of getting hurt - it should be used only by people with experience in fire dancing techniques!

This product requires a delivery time of 3-5 working days.

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