Royal Kendama - Plush Performance Model

Royal Kendama

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We are really happy with the reception that our original Royal Kendama received, so we wanted to keep pushing forward. Now we are proud to present to you our new Plush model. After deep testing, we’ve come up with improved and amazing paint durability, plus a coating that will give higher-level players that little extra edge they need for the craziest of technical tricks. 65/35 color splits are available in 5 striking two-tones, plus the deliciously transparent “Honey” color, for those who just love to show off their grain. The Plush is lush. We know you’re going to love it.

Kendama has roots in historical Japan but is now played and practiced all over the globe. Paying tribute to the Japanese origins, The Royal Kendama is designed to hone balance, and concentration as well as igniting the imagination. With Royal Kendama the trick possibilities are infinite; catches, throws, spikes, and stalls. It's time to get clicking!


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