Sundia Fly Diabolo - Clutch Axle by Ryo Yabe


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The Sundia Fly diabolo is one of our most popular one-way diabolos and has been designed by the world-class diabolist Ryo Yabe.

It features a one-way ball-bearing axle (AKA clutch axle) which dramatically increases spin time. This system allows the diabolo to spin up to 20 times longer than a normal axle diabolo! This makes it ideal for learning new tricks as it gives you lots more time to think about trick combos.

The plastic cups are weighted and balanced for an extremely consistent spin, while the wide ball-bearing axle is perfect for long finger & stick grinds. The bright solid color cups make this a good choice for stage performance.

Ideal for multiple diabolo play and an excellent all-rounder for beginners and professionals alike!

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