Ultimate Circus Skill Set

Ultimate Circus Skill Set

Soul Artists

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This Ultimate Circus Skill Kit comes with almost everything you could want to start the ultimate circus workshop. Plenty of props for any kind of circus discipline. No one will get bored with this pack. In fact, it comes with more stuff than we can fit in the picture above. In our workshop packs, colors may vary from those shown.

Package contains:

30 x Tri-its
10 x Jester Diabolos and Sticks
12 x Juggle Dream Euro Deco clubs
10 x Juggle Dream Spinning Plates and Sticks
30 x Juggling scarves
12 x Juggle Dream juggling rings
30 x 120g JD Thud Juggling Balls
5 x Stunt devil sticks & control sticks
3 x Pedal-Go
3 x Henry's Cigar Boxes

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