V-Cube Gaugin Flat Puzzle Cube


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Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin (June 1848 – 8 May 1903) was a French Post-Impressionist artist who was later recognized for his experimental use of color and synthetist style that were distinguishable different from Impressionism. He was an important figure in the Symbolist movement as a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramist, and writer. His bold experimentation with color led directly to the Synthetic style of modern art, while his expression of the inherent meaning of the subjects in his paintings paved the way to Primitivism and the return to the pastoral.

This clever, patented puzzle cube celebrates some of his works, including, of course, the water lilies. High-quality printing has been used to replicate the masterpieces in this 'stickerless' design. This custom V-Cube is supplied in a signature 'Art Emotions' Box and has been manufactured to the highest quality possible. Made in the EU.


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