Hyperflite SofFlite Throwing Disc

Hyperflite SofFlite Throwing Disc


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The SofFlite is the softest and most forgiving throwing disc in the Hyperflite range. As well as being shaped and weighted to be appropriate for dog's mouths, it has been formed from a super soft plastic. Whilst this makes this disc the most prone to teeth marks and tearing with a large amount of dogs, it also makes it ideal for dogs with sensitive mouths/teeth. If you're looking for a super-tough, puncture resistant pooch sports disc, check out the Hyperflite JAWZ range - if your dog has a sensitive mouth or a little more laid-back, the SofFlite model could be a great choice. This throwing disc is 8.75" in diamater and weighs 105g - it also throws just like a conventional frisbee.


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